Tattoo & Body Piercing


The Environmental Department of Geauga Public Health Department enforces state regulations and the Administrative Code in regards to tattoo and body piercing establishments. State law requires these businesses to obtain approval from the Board of Health prior to opening. The law also requires that at least 1 inspection be conducted to assure that the business meets all the requirements for approval. This approval is valid for 1 year.



Tattoo and Body Piercing regulations established specific safety, procedural, record-keeping and sanitation standards for businesses engaged in tattooing and/or body piercing. The law and regulations enable local boards of health to better protect the public health by regulating businesses that offer tattooing and/or body piercing services because these procedures present the potential for localized bacterial infection and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Contaminated or improperly sterilized equipment and the possibility of unsanitary conditions at these locations have raised public health concerns.

Tattoo & Body Piercing Document

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BodyArt Pre-opening Application BodyArt-pre-opening-Application.pdf Feb 8, 2023 2023-02-08 Environmental HealthTattoo & Body Piercing
BodyArt Application BodyArt-Application.pdf Feb 8, 2023 2023-02-08 Environmental HealthTattoo & Body Piercing
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