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Animal Bite Reporting
Food Safety Forms by Permit Type
Household Sewage Treatment Systems

INSTALLER FORMS (username / password required)

Household Sewage System Contractors


This is a list of contractors who are registered with Geauga Public Health . The companies followed with ** are willing to identify components and submit drawings of existing household sewage disposal systems. The companies followed with ## are willing to work on sewage disposal system nuisance complaints/updates to existing homes.

  • This department will not recommend specific contractors to homeowners.
  • This department is not responsible for the business practices of these contractors.
  • We recommend the homeowner obtain references and recommendations.

List of Registered Sewage System Installers in Geauga County

List of Registered Service Providers (including Aerotion Evaluators) in Geauga County

List of Registered Septic Haulers (Cleaners) in Geauga County

Nuisance Complaints
Private Water Systems

How to disinfect a water well


Ohio Dept Health Application/Permit for Private Water System (electronic fill-in)

Application for a Household Water System Evaluation (both forms must be completed)

Application for Household Water System Evaluation

Contractor Private Water Well Completion Form
ALL ODH private water well forms are found here
Soils Evaluators (scientist, classifiers, professionals)

Soil evaluators must maintain compliance with OAC 3701-29-07, which specifies that a soil scientist or soil classifier must be certified by the soil science society of America (SSSA), or registered by a state or national organization with equivalent minimum qualifications and/or demonstration of competency for soil evaluation as approved by the director of health.

Online references for finding qualified soil scientists include:

Soil Science Society of America under Certifications: Find a Professional Directory

The Association of Ohio Pedologist under “Consultant List”

American Society of Agronomy under Scientific Expertise Search