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Animal Bite Investigations

The Population Health Division investigates animal bites and human contact in accordance with State law. All animal bites to humans must be reported within 24 hours. Upon receipt of an animal bite report, the animal must undergo a ten day quarantine period, either on the premises of the owner or at a pound or kennel. During the quarantine period, the animal’s overall health is observed, along with confirmation of proper rabies vaccination. The animal cannot be released without proper rabies vaccination. If the animal appears to have the rabies virus it will be put to sleep and shipped to the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory for rabies analysis. If the animal dies while in quarantine it will also be processed to the Ohio Department of Health.

The bite victim will be notified of the results of the quarantine findings and advised on any further action necessary.

Rabies Prevention and Education

Rabies is a highly infectious and fatal disease spread by a virus. It has appeared in observation of wild animals in the eastern portion of Ohio. The vaccination of cats and dogs against the disease of rabies is important because it minimizes the chance of a pet transmitting rabies to humans and protects the pet from getting the disease from exposure to wild animals. Ohio Department of Health Rabies Prevention.