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Bioterrorism is the intentional release of harmful biological agents

Bioterrorism is the intentional release of harmful biological agents, that may include bacteria, viruses or germs, with the intent of injuring or killing people, causing panic and disrupting daily routine. Unlike other terrorism, a biological attack could take days or weeks to notice. By the time it is recognized many people may have been affected.

Bioterrorism preparedness calls for a team approach. The Geauga Public Health is involved in developing Public Health emergency plans at the local and regional level. The Northeast Region for Bioterrorism Preparedness consists of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, and Lorain Counties. Working with other health districts is an essential part of this plan to respond quickly in the event of a public health emergency. This also means that our public health capabilities and expertise will extend beyond our borders. Bioterrorism preparedness involves the rapid communication and collaboration between public health, medical providers, hospitals, safety forces, and other governmental agencies. These plans provide for mass immunization and/or medication distribution to our residents if needed. This multi-agency approach will provide the best protection for the residents of Geauga County.